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A guide to everything that you would like to know about Bingo

How to classify the game?

While most people would love to legitimately call Bingo as a game of skill, the truth is that it is clearly a game of chance which is played regularly at famous casino worldwide. The element of luck is overwhelming strong in this game because the numbers that are called out by the game host are all random and you can never ever predict the pattern of the numbers being called out. Sometimes, the casinos also use computers to draw out random numbers for the game. This is done by special computer software that is specifically programmed for the casinos and other event management companies that specialize in hosting fun events including the popular game Bingo.

  • What do the Bingo cards look like?

    Bingo cards are roughly 5 inches squares usually printed on thick card or paper. The game card has a 25 box grid printed on it.

  • Out of the 25 boxes, 24 boxes have a number between 1 and 36 written in and one box which is in the middle of the card is left empty.The host will call out a number and the player whose card has that number on it

  • has to strike off the number from his card with an ink dauber. With every number being called out, participants strike off that number from their respective cards.The game’s object is to strike off all the numbers in the card.

  • The player who strikes of all the numbers on his card the earliest has to get up and shout Bingo loudly from his place. The host or the floor assistant will come to him and check if there is no mistake in striking off the numbers

If the card is striked off correctly by him, he is declared the winner. The prize is brought to him and the game can continue in order to find the next winner. Bingo players who strike off all the numbers in one single line whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally are also eligible for prizes. But they have to be quick and nimble and shout Bingo as loudly as possible.

Can there be two winners simultaneously?

The chances that there are two winners of a full house that is striking off all the numbers on the card is a rarity.

  • This is because each Bingo game in a game pack is a unique card and there is never

  • any duplication of the card except otherwise by oversight. The chances are one in a million that two

  • people can finish off the game together. In case there is an event that two players finish together,

  • the casino will be liable to pay the prize money to both.

Who is the winner?

The player whose card is completely striked off and the one who shouts BINGO! loud enough to catch the attention of the host is the winner. The host on hearing the claim will come to the person claiming a line or a full house and inspect his card. On inspection, if the host finds that all the numbers have correctly been marked off the card will be proclaimed the winner of that round. The game may proceed to determine the second winner. The prize of the winner is brought and given to him then and there.

  • The decision of the host is final and binding

    The player is obliged to shout “bingo!” as soon as his last number is striked out. If he dilly dallies and another player shouts the word, he will not be allowed to rebut and say he finished first and therefore he must be declared as the winner.

  • Casino Bingo attracts huge crowds:

    Casinos always have jam packed Bingo halls and they see huge fan following. The game which was first devised and claimed to be played in 1929 has seen so many variations and concoctions that it looks like it will never go out of favor ever.

  • The people who play the game are positively addicted to the game. The game enjoys patronage from people from all walks of life and there is nothing that is dirty about playing bingo. Infact, people who play bingo say that it makes them mentally alert and also helps to keep away from deadly mental disease like the Parkinson’s and the Alzheimer’s.

Can the rules of the game be tweaked?

It is often seen that casinos tweak the rules of the game to make it more interesting and to break the usual monotony. Perhaps, the secret behind the game to have subsisted more than a century is that the games rules have enormous scope of being changed and still the charm of the game remains intact.

Bingo is played now without any human intervention

Computer software that generates random numbers is now used in conducting Bingo. The computer allows for replacing of any human host in the game. It may not be common place to see computers being used but a lot of casinos are slowing warming up to them.