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Company Culture

Company Culture

As a company, we don’t believe in winning. We are a website that is dedicated to fulfill all your Bingo needs and fixes. Our website is a comprehensive guide to everything that one may want to know about the game. From the rules of the game to modern takes on the game, we have it all there. The website has a list of over fifty different variants to the classical game and we can bet you that it ensures one year of fun, frolic and entertainment for your guest.

  • No downloads necessary

    Being web enabled has its own positives. You do not need to download our website onto your devices. You just need to type our website in your URL box and Voila! You save space and you save data plus you have guaranteed fun, how good can that get?!

  • We have answers to every doubt on Bingo

    If you have any doubts on Bingo, we have the answers with us. Even if you are in the middle of a game, we can help you when you get stuck. Don’t know how to frame your questions? No problem!On the site find at least a hundred FAQs that will make

  • you an expert in the subject.There is an interactive forum and there is a live chat for members and there is a bingo fan club too. We also have a messenger to connect with friend and fellow bingo lovers. Want an instant answer? Call our hotlines or drop an email to us. We would be glad to talk to you or send you a reply ideally in a day’s time.

Bingo anywhere close to me?

If you are a bingo enthusiast and love to drop in newer venues playing different versions of th e game, look no further. Download BINGOAPP on to your smart phone and the application will automatically send you signal on your phone about the closest Bingo venue near you.

  • the application works on GPRS and your location and thus it will require the location indicator on your phone to be switched on.

  • Our paid services

    For live news exclusively on Bingo and to plan a Bingo night, you may register with our executives who will be ready to help you

  • with their expertise to give your guests the most interesting and fun filled time of their lifetime.